Parklane Bed (Non-Storage/Storage)


Our Park Lane Bed can be made in many unique fabrics which gives it an elite appearance and will give you a sense of luxury on a day to day basis. The bed comes in a range of colours and materials to give you a choice of what will suit your needs.

 This bed is designed and crafted with the highest quality materials and a strong base to give it stability. It’s easy to assemble and the solid base ensures its ability to last for many years and hold up heavy loads and provide an even sleeping surface.

All of our beds are hand made in our U.K factory. They are fire resistant and are of the highest standard. This bed will be made to your specifications and delivered to you within 4 Weeks maximum


Size Length (cm) Width (cm)


Height (cm)


Height (cm)

Single 229cm  132cm 140cm 42cm
4ft 229cm 163cm 140cm 42cm
Double 229cm 178cm 140cm 42cm
King 239cm 194cm 140cm 42cm
Super-King 239cm 224cm 140cm 42cm