Diamond Crush Dresser


The Diamond crush dressing table is a wonderful item to have for the bedroom, it is an enchanting showpiece as well as a lovely dressing table and will add a sense of luxury to your bedroom. The diamond crush dressing table will hardly take up any room and will keep all your accessories in one place keeping your bedroom neat and tidy.

The astonishing design makes the bedroom really pleasing on the eye and gives the bedroom a homely feeling. The high quality finishing of the table will blossom in your bedroom with its extravagant look.

This diamond crush dressing table is designed and crafted with high quality materials and a strong base to give it stability and goes perfectly with our extended bedroom range. It comes fully assembled and has a solid base to ensure its ability to last for many years and hold up heavy loads.


Item (cm) Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm)
Dresser 120 40 80